Irish DanceCostumes

Please note that these are school policies written by Brenda to clarify the costuming requirements for competitive dancers. Information for what to wear to each class is located under the classes tab. Some competitive dancers may be split between two categories. If this is the case, the dancer may follow the guidelines for the higher of the two categories she dances in. For example, if a dancer competes in Novice Reel and Jig but Prize Winner Slip Jig and Hornpipe, that dancer may follow the guidelines for Prize Winner category. To help all parents and students understand the guidelines; the various categories are defined and explained how a dancer advances through the various levels of competitive dance. To make these definitions easier to understand, please note the following: *A dancer will remain in each category for a minimum of one year regardless of how many medals they win during that year. For example, if a dancer enters his/her first feis as a Beginner in May, they remain in the Beginner category until the following May. *With the exception of the Beginner category, a dancer only advances in the dances in which he/she has placed during the year. For example, if an Advanced Beginner dancer places in her reel but never places in her Slip Jig, she moves to Novice in her Reel but her Slip Jig stays in Advanced Beginner.