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Nashua Location Woburn Location Wakefield Location

28 Charron Ave
Unit 8
Nashua, NH 03063

Currently no classes available in Woburn location.

Unitarian Universalist Church
of Wakefield.
326 Main St.
Wakefield, MA 01880


The Wee Folk Irish Step and Culture Class

Send e-mail if interested 

Designed just for preschoolers, this class teaches children ages 3-5 years basic music, rhythm and movement skills that are precursors to Irish Step Dancing. The environment will be lots of fun and totally Irish! If you or anyone you know would be interested, let Ashlyn know and we will forward more information.

New Beginner Classes

Send e-mail if interested 

This class is for new students of all ages with no experience in Irish Step Dancing. If your child has previous experience in Irish Step Dancing, please contact Ashlyn by email to discuss other class options. New students over 11 years of age may be moved to more advanced classes as necessary.

Beginner II Through Open Championship Level Classes

The placement of a dancer in these classes is up to the discretion of the teacher and previous dance experience.

Ceili, Traditional Set, and Technique Classes

Team Classes

Teams are by invitation.

Adult Irish Dance Class

This class is for beginner up to intermediate adults.


This year, we will be using an online system, The Studio Director, for student and class registration, payments and billing, notifications by email, and as a hub for costume, competition, and school policies communication. All payments will be made online, or in person by cash only. The new system has an automatic payment option for greater convenience. Checks are no longer accepted for lessons, excluding privates.

Monthly Plan

Tuition is due the first of each month.  September tuition is due along with student registration fee and liability waiver (to be signed when you register your student online). Each monthly payment is exactly the same regardless of how many lessons are scheduled that month. The fee is based on the total yearly tuition divided into 9 payments.

The tuition due each month is based on the number of hours of class taken per week per student (not per family).  The Studio Director program will calculate the number of hours taken and the amount owed. Auto payments are also available through this program. If you plan to pay tuition in cash, your account will still calculate the payment owed.

Weekly lessons include regular lessons, weekly Traditional/Contemporary Set classes, weekly non-Oireachtas Ceili classes, and weekly technique classes.  

Private lessons, Oireachtas rehearsals, team classes, and any extra workshops, or "one time only" classes are not considered weekly lessons and will be charged separately.

Drop-In Lessons Information

If at any time you wish to change your status from one lesson per week to two lessons per week or vice versa, you may do so at the beginning of the next pay period. For example, if you sign up and pay for two lessons per week in September but decide to change to one lesson per week, you may change to one lesson per week at the beginning of October.

Drop-in lessons may be taken if you decide to take an extra class here or there to simply try it, or for extra practice. There is no family discount for drop-in lessons.

Please contact Brenda or Ashlyn if you have any questions about drop-in lessons.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered based on availability.

Semi Private Lessons (2 students)
Semi private lessons are available to Advanced Beginner through Championship students based on availability.

Limit 2 students per semi private.

Class Cancellations

If a class is canceled for any reason such as inclement weather, you will be notified first by email and then with a follow up phone call. Unscheduled cancellations are rare and make ups will only be offered if there are 3 or more cancellations.

Please note that there are several weeks when classes are not scheduled and these weeks are not considered cancellations. These scheduled days off have already been factored into the yearly tuition. You will receive a calendar of all scheduled lessons each month so there is no confusion.

School Policies

Dress Code Advanced Beginner through Championship

All girl dancers Beginner through Championship girls should wear Poodle Socks in class as well as the proper shoes, pumps or jig shoes. Dance shoes stretch and mold to the dancer’s feet with each wearing so you want to be sure you wear the proper socks with them. You should also keep a separate pair of socks for shows and feiseanna and have a few separate pairs for practice and class, depending on your level and how often your daughter practices. No matter how much bleach you use, the socks will gray eventually so keeping a separate pair for outings is important.Dance sneakers may be worn during warm ups, but should not be worn in class unless specifically called for.

Beginner girls may wear black ballet slippers or ghillies. You can check the shoe tab for a list of locations where you can purchase shoes online or in person and a list of recommended styles.

Beginner boys wear black jazz shoes. Advanced boys will wear black jazz shoes with plastic heels and jig shoes.


Beginner through Championship Dancers should wear dance shorts or skirts and t-shirts or leotards. Shorts and skirts should be a respectable length at the hem and a respectable height at the waist. 
(Please, no bare midriffs).  Hair should be pulled back neatly and not hanging in the student’s face.  No dangle earrings or necklaces at class. 

Boys will wear shorts and a T-shirt. 

Sweat pants may be worn for all levels during class warm ups but must be removed afterwards.


Dress Code New Biginners

New Beginner Girls
Ballet slippers or ghillies - you have the option of black ballet slippers or Irish ghillies. Check the website for vendors and recommended styles.

Poodle Socks - check the website for vendors and recommended styles.

Attire - boys and girls may wear athletic shorts and t-shirts. Please no baggy sweatpants or jeans. Children may wear sweaters if they are chilly, but please layer a t-shirt underneath so they can take the sweater off when they get warm.

Hair - girls with long hair should have it tied neatly back away from their face.

New Beginner Boys
Black Jazz Shoes for boys - you may purchase jazz shoes on your own.  Check the school website for information regarding vendors.  We also have a selection of second hand boy’s shoes available at the school.

The Wee Folk Class
Footwear - Boys and Girls should wear ballet slippers, preferably black but any color will do.  Boys may wear sneakers or jazz shoes if they do not want to wear ballet slippers. 

Attire - Children should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in such as shorts or sweatpants.  Please, no jeans!  Be sure to layer a T-shirt under a sweater or sweatshirt in case they get warm.

Water and /or Snacks

Students in Wakefield and Woburn should bring their own water bottle, labeled with their name. The Nashua studio has a water cooler but you may bring your own water bottle if you wish.

No snacks are allowed in class or during break times. Please give your child a snack before class if you think they will get hungry, or have one ready for them when class is over.

Peek Weeks

To keep everyone focused and to keep noise levels down, parents and siblings are not allowed in the room with the students during lessons. If you would like to check your child’s progress or if a friend or relative is visiting and would like to see class, please contact Brenda via email ahead of time to arrange a peek week. 

Absences and Make Ups

If your child misses a lesson for any reason, there is no credit or refund for that lesson. However, each student is welcome to take a make-up lesson during the regularly scheduled classes. Please contact Brenda to find out which class would be most appropriate for your child to use as a make up class.

Please note that make up lessons must be taken by the end of the month following the absence.  For example, if your child misses a lesson in September, you have until the end of October to make it up or you forfeit that lesson. Please let Brenda know a week in advance if you will be coming in for a make up.

In the case of serious illness or injury where a child will miss an extended period of class, please contact Brenda to make arrangements.

Extra Lessons

All students from Beginner level to Championship level may take extra lessons during the regularly scheduled classes. If you are interested, please contact Brenda to find out what class would be appropriate for an extra lesson. The charges for extra lessons are outlined in the payment section above.